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We are a CrossFit community that is very structured and supportive of a wide range of athletes, from elite CrossFitters to the beginner trying CrossFit for the first time.


You DO NOT have to be fit to do Crossfit. That is the number 1 misconception we hear on a daily basis. Crossfit is infinitely scalable, from children to the elderly and everyone in between. Prior injuries, surgeries, and general aches and pains are no problem, our trained coaches will work with you to overcome all of those and get you to your strongest self.  


We are kid-friendly, we welcome and encourage kids to watch class from our child area, we love to see parents modeling their healthy lifestyle.




Victor Stanley



Victor's CrossFit journey started when he was in the Navy. As a Navy diver he trained future special operations candidates and prepared them for their schools. It was at this time that a Navy Seal candidate told him about CrossFit and stated he should incorporate it into his programming. He looked it up and has been hooked ever since.


After the Navy he joined a local CrossFit and got his first experience of what crossfit was really all about. It's the community that makes it work and separates it from any other form of fitness. Since his CrossFit journey began he has had an endless thirst for knowledge and has since completed his Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 certification,  CrossFit rowing certification, power lifting certification, kid's class certification, and USAW sports performance coach. He also had his NASM personal trainer certification but has since let that expire as he started leaning more towards CrossFit. He looks to continue his education in the fitness industry and pass it along to all his present and future clients.


Annamaria has a strong history of athletics. She comes from a boxing family and has been raised in a gym for most of her life. She started as a child in gymnastics. This passion has never left her and really came out when she found CrossFit.


She now has leaned more towards the Olympic lifting aspect of CrossFit and has her USAW sports performance coach certification.


She firmly believes in the family atmosphere that the CrossFit box creates and stands by the results she has seen throughout her years in CrossFit. She has an extreme passion for it and continually seeks out education in order to be the best coach possible.

Annamaria Stanley




Scott Vigne



Scott is grateful to have grown up around lots of top athletes not only in the USA but also in France where he was born. Having a father who was an Olympic swimmer has shown him how effective the right training can be. Golf was his sport in college but he always enjoyed training, surfing, soccer, and many other physical activities.

For Scott, the gym felt boring and repetitive. After having tried CrossFit there was no turning back, no need to figure out his gym routine, it was all planned out for him in a convenient one hour class with a coach. What he was not counting on was the amazing community of people who like the same things as him.....FITNESS!

Since then, Scott has completed his Level 1 and Level 2 CrossFit Certifications, Aerobic Capacity Training, and The Gymnastics Course. He and his wife Cristina are grateful to be part owners of CrossFit Cocoa Beach and are looking forward to helping others find their journey in fitness.


Cristina Vigne



Cristina's family encouraged her growing up to be active in many sports. She settled mainly on dance and softball. Her many years as a softball pitcher taught her dedication, commitment, and determination. While she enjoyed the team sport, she loved pushing herself individually: learning new pitches, fine tuning mechanics, and strategizing in the sport.

Her love of learning and her passion to help others led her to years as a School Psychologist. Studying how others learn, what motivates them, developing prevention and intervention programs, and providing consultation was always fun.

After starting her family, Cristina chose to dedicate her time to her children. She never expected that getting fit through her journey at CrossFit Cocoa Beach would spark such passion and fire in her heart. She once again had the opportunity to enjoy a sport with a group while also working on individual goals.

Becoming a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and USA Weighlifting Level 1 Coach is one of her proudest accomplishments. She finds joy every time she gets to coach others so works hard on conitnuing her education. She has obtained certificates from the CrossFit Level 2 Course and The Gymnastics Course. Connecting with people and helping them move in a positive and healthy direction is her favorite thing.


Matt Parrish



Matt Parrish wants to make himself and you harder to kill. He believes consistency, hard work, and fun are the keys to making this happen. it doesn't matter if it's preparing for the zombie apocalypse, recovering from a surfing injury , or warding off type 2 diabetes; he believes you can hedge the odds by making good decisions today.

By maximizing gym time, focusing on nutrition, and making healthy lifestyle decisions, he plans on kicking ass for a long time and would love you to join him.

Matt has a CrossFit Level 2 certificate and is a certified nutritionist. he has been trained in POSE running, gymnastics coaching, and various other aspects of fitness. He has coached thousands of squats, improved countless pull-ups, and generally made 100's of people better versions of themselves.


Ben Rogerson



Coach Ben comes to us from Sumter, SC. Unlike most coach bio's you may see, Ben did not have an incredible background filled with tons of sports and aspirations of the next level. Ben was a small-town kid who enjoyed partying on the weekend, super unhealthy eating and all-around poor habits. You could catch him cruising through McDonalds on the way to school, might even see him grabbing a beer and smoking on Friday nights.

Fast forward and Ben does something that no one expects, he attends a military college in Charleston, SC! And much to everyone's disbelief, graduates! See, Ben has always known that poor habits don't lead to successful outcomes, no matter what you pursue. It may have taken him well into his adult years to realize this but thank goodness he did.

About 3 years ago, Ben moved to Cape Canaveral, FL with his wife Jenna after they both quit their jobs and set out for new opportunities. His first home was the gym and family at CrossFit Cocoa Beach. It was here that Ben set out to change his lifestyle. After about 1 year of CrossFit, Ben attended the Level 1 course and attained his trainer certification. Over the past 2 years, Ben has taken small and large steps towards becoming a better human.

He enjoys everything about CrossFit. The community, the competition and the feeling of accomplishment after finishing what we thought was impossible. No matter where you are, things can always change for the better. Continuing in one direction because that's all we know is an excuse, as my Memaw always said "if you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got."


Bobby Speese



Bobby grew up his entire life as a competitive swimmer and active person. From a young age he was taught that there is no substitution for hard work and training inside and outside of the gym and pool. As a competitive swimmer he learned to thrive in a group/team training environment. From there he determined how important that community atmosphere was to his own long term goals and success in fitness

Once he moved to Cocoa Beach he fell in love with the CrossFit Cocoa Beach community. After some time he was given an opportunity to take the CrossFit Level 1 class. After participating in the class, Bobby became eager to pursue his passion for a fitness oriented, feel-good lifestyle.


My name is Michael MacGillivray and I am a recent graduate of The University of Central Florida, with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. I was introduced to CrossFit at this very gym 4 years ago. I am originally from Orlando, Florida and after I graduated I moved to Cocoa Beach with my family. I've been coaching CrossFit for 2 years with my L1 Certification. I love my family, my dog, food, and taking long walks on the beach. I am pursuing Physical Therapy as a career with a specialization in sports.

Michael MacGillivray






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